The Shomer Shabbat Friendly Hackathon

An eight day crypto- art- light- CONSTRUCTION -themed Music Festival culminating in a hackathon

Eight Days: 10 Av — 18 Av 5781

(Jul 19th-27th 2021)


Problem: Since the emergence of epic competitive hackathons there has been a cornucopia of excellent hacks. But hackathons always happen on the weekend. If you keep shabbat it’s not possible to participate on even footing.

Our solution: a hackathon like no other.


Six days we hack. On the 7th day we do no hack.

On shabbat we rest from building. But what is building?

The laws of shabbat have to do with creating a sanctuary in space-time where we can meet the Infinite One.

We refrain from the 39 categories of work necessary to build the Mishkan[1], the portable sancutary and home of G_d —built by Jews in the dessert after leaving slavery in Egypt—where rendezvous between the Infinite One and us finite ones can happen. In doing so we reflect (like a semaphore) G_d's creation of the Universe in 6 days and his completion of it with rest on Shabbat.

For 25 hrs from sunset Friday to nightfall Saturday we rest on shabbat.

There are a lot of details. The details are myriad, mystical, innumerable, and ineffable. Makes sense.


We're excited to conduct this historic experiment and run the first tokenized hackathon! Each participant, competitors, winners or not, sponsors, organizers and partners will recieve Tokens and NFTs. What is an NFT?


1. Don't hack on Shabbat. Whatever you do: don't hack on shabbat. Learn More.

2. Hack outside the box: this is a CONSTRUCTION themed crypto-art-light-tech music festival ... if you haven't figured out how to color outside the lines yet now's the time.

3. Have fun!


Humans despite being the (sometimes) apex of creation are made of DNA, an alphabetic code. Understanding how to permute the basic building blocks may be the key to removing the locks and building the ultimate abode. Maybe it's the right code that's the key to the best hack we may ever see.


The Yiboneh House sits above San Francisco's Design District, home of the California College of the Arts, a nexus of elite craftsmen, a showroom of the finest fixtures and furnishings modern life can offer. But we hope your house hacks will be the finest ever proferred.

Shabbat is a palace in Space-Time


What is art? Among all human activities there's something that sets it apart. But is it possible that there's a hack that's at the heart of all art?


The Universe is a song. It's our destiny to sing along. Whether you're hacking synths, sonifying transactions, or shattering cancers we hope your hacks will inspire the call and answer. When together all our hacks are humming along we'll compose A New Song.


Light is fundamental. It was the first thing spoken into existence. And yet we've just started off on our journey understanding this phenomenon and beginning to hack it. Whether solar or lightfield we hope your hacks bring forth a new light.


Shabbat Technology

Hebrew Technology

Rights Technology


Lisp: "Lisp isn't a language, it's a building material."

Gridless Homes

Crypto utilities

Self-Sovereign Homes



Consciousness hacking

Hacking out of the Matrix

Virtuous Reality

pOS: personal management software



Longevity Tech

Immortal Technology